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ADA Compliancy on the web, are you wondering how you are affected?  Legal actions against big web presences like Target, Winn-Dixie, GNC, Amazon and more.  Where is the law headed?  Do you need to be compliant?  Shouldn't internet visitors with disabilities be able to experience the ease of web use like everyone else?  22% or more of the population lives with a disability in the US alone.  How can you be compliant?  


Chocolate Dog is a Charleston based website design agency.  We specialize in ADA compliant websites, WORDPRESS, Brand Strategy, and Digital MARKETING. Custom designs to match your brand or we can help create a brand that actively speaks to your client base.

Our Approach is creative, uniquely tuned to you and your organization.  The goal is to reach your Target Audience and generate traffic, leads and BUSINESS. LET'S TALK.


Image of Cole Kersten, CEO of Chocolate Dog Media

Cole Kersten

Top Dog (President)

Our co-founder, marketing genius, design strategist, ADA specialist, copywriter, voice actor, peacekeeper, dog whisperer and comedian.  Part man, part canine, seriously though, ask him about a certain hairy chest contest.

Image of Karen Dixon VP of Chocolate Dog Media

Karen Dixon

Lead Dog (VP Project Coordination)

Co-founder, partner and web designer before it was cool (1998)... front end developer, project lead, wordpress afficionado, wine lover and office mom.  Oldest in the room but point that out at your own risk.

Imageof Lane Kersten, Mobile Development Lead

Lane Kersten

Smartest Dog (Mobile Development)

Backend dev, mobile app wizard (IOS and Android), graphic artist, digital musician, guitarist, chocolate lover and Full Sail University Grad. Don't let the eyebrows fool you, he's not angry ALL the time. Also, very tall (like very).

Gown Boutique

Feature Project

Put your PAWS together for our latest web design project, and head on over to
Gown Boutique of Charleston
to see what people are BARKING about!
Make sure to check out the fun videos on their team page too!


Chocolate Dog's Team expects to exceed all client expectations all of the time. If we don't, then we aren't trying hard enough.

Icon for Restaurant Clients

I couldn't be more pleased with Karen and the CDM team. They completely redesigned our out of date web site into a beautiful, easily navigable web presence. AND the site is fully responsive on both mobile and tablet device. Our business is booming and I have to attribute a good portion of it to the new web site. The effective design and ease of accessing any info that a Pannullo's patron would be looking for has helped new customers find us and existing customers return again and again. Thanks CDM!!

Mike Schwartz, Pannullo's Italian Restaurant

Icon of Guitar

Karen made and has maintained my Website for years (A small musical enterprise). I would have to say that over 65% of my clients come from the Website. Even my competitors compliment me on her work. On a personal note: I happen to have a outright hatred for anything that concerns technology what so ever. (I still use a flip phone) To make matters worst I have been blessed with a "Hair Trigger Temper". In truth, I don't think anyone else could really have dealt with me in the matter of creating a Website. When you meet Karen, it is obvious that she is a talented, intelligent and creative individual. But out of all her wonderful attributes, the one that I will always admire the most is........ She is "Patient". I recommend her highly and hold her in a high esteem and regard.

Frank Carlier, Carlier's School  of Music

Icon for Contractor

When you choose Karen and Chocolate Dog Media you get wonderful, professional design with innovative ideas, awesome customer service and exactly what you are looking for. They take the ideas that we have here at Master Custom Builder Council and put them perfectly on the web.

Pam Davis, Master Custom Builder Council

Icon for Contractor

Karen has been taking the lead on everything web-related with Madigan Projects for many years.  Her knowledge of the ever-changing technology available to us is always very helpful and her willingness to listen to us as the client is even more beneficial.  She has a talent for design and is very pleasant to work with.  I would strongly recommend hiring chocolatedogmedia.com to help your small business.

Jay Madigan, Madigan Homes

Icon of paint pallette

Through my shops, Little Shop Of Crafts, I've had the pleasure of working with Karen for over 20 years. She built our original website and rebuilt and upgraded several times throughout the years. Karen's ability to cut through the clutter and create a clear path to whatever was needed, was such a refreshing welcome with things seemingly getting more and more complicated. Regardless when needed, Karen was there to handle the task quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. To sum it up, I'm not sure what I would do without her guidance, wonderful work ethic and creative eye.  Thanks Karen 

Jay Madigan, Madigan Homes